Coated materials for clothing industry are knitwear and fabrics covered with polyurethane layer. These products were tested in regards to human sweating which is important when being used in clothing production Polyurethane coated materials let the air through which helps breathing. 
We offer lack-type (latex), shining, leather like, animal themes and brocade materials. 
Wir bieten Materialien für:

  • women's clothing
  • men's clothing
  • children's clotching
  • clothing trimmings (also PVC)
  • clothing accessories

We offer:

  • wide range of textures and colors
  • short production time, prompt delivery
  • variety of base materials: knitwear, fabrics, fibres
  • special color on demand – probe color required
  • latest design trends
  • wide range of products available on the spot